Karate Moves

Looking at the movies that involve karate makes us feel as if we want to be martial artists too. All the punching and kicking and steering are so cool to look at that we often end up making rush decisions like enrolling in karate lessons perhaps? However, we have to oftentimes too we end up discouraged with the fact that those Karate Moves are not actually not that easy to perform. Constant practice as well as dedication are needed to be able to execute all those steps and routines.

Karate is well appreciated all over the world. As you may have noticed, not only adults are addicted to it but also teenagers not to mention the growing young practitioners of this generation. The reason behind this is that karate gives several benefits. It does not only give you pride but also increases your self-confidence in such a way that you cannot also boast of your own skills. Another reason for this is that today, it is a requirement to at least have a basic knowledge on self-defence. Otherwise, you can end up a target in various crimes such as robbery, molestation and even bullying.

But as mentioned already, it is not easy to learn Karate Moves. In fact, this cannot be done in just a month’s time. One needs to complete the whole course so that satisfaction and great execution will be achieved. Karate Moves are best learned in karate schools and academies. Although one can look over karate books, read and understand them, there are certain things which karate teachers can only share you.

There are many Karate moves which a practitioner must learn. As a beginner, he needs to know the basic karate moves which will serve as foundation for further levels of karate lessons. These include blocking, kicking and punching. Blocking is a necessary Karate move that prevents the attacker from further inflicting injury in you. This is performed by using the arms and hands for the most part. Blocking is essential in every karate combat. Then, one also needs to be familiar with kicking. Needless to say, this is done through the use of feet. When performed with force and power, this can already be an effective method to fend of opponent. To practice precision and force in throwing a kick, one can practice on a practice bag.

After learning the basic moves of karate, they are strung together to be able to form Kata. Katas are predefined karate moves which needs to be memorized by heart by each karate practitioner. This is like learning to read the English language. For you to be able to flip for the next pages of a book, you first need to be an expert of the alphabet first.

There is an endless list of karate moves and it would actually fill this page if they are placed in here. The most important thing to keep in mind however is no matter how good you are in the different karate moves, values such as respect and self-discipline should still be the basis of every action that a karateka practitioner need to bear in mind.

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